So where did 2019 go? The last post on here was back in April, and that was incomplete.

Maybe I'll get around to backfilling - there are some field notes and photos - but first a fresh start.

This year, and henceforth, I hope to spend a lot more time here - it seems like the most rewarding thing there is and I don't know why I have found it so hard at times - laziness, inertia and other less important but more urgent stuff.

Need to focus on getting some of the immediate jobs that need doing done today, and less on the dreams and grand plans. Dreaming of something don't make it so.

Today is chilly and slightly damp, not really cold. Air still with almost not breeze. overcast low cloud. A robin has just taken up its classic pose on the handle of the fork I have been using to dig the last row of parsnips. They lie along the border gleaming white having just been washed with the rainwater house, which is now topping up the tunnel water butt. Some are very forked, some very large - although not as giant as the other row, I think these where White Gem. 

The soil looks good where it has been turned.

Next I mowed off the weeds and leftovers on the accessible bits of the veg plot and then mowed and raked most of the daffodil area. Must try to clear up grass mowings within a day this year and not leave the windrows to rot or small piles decomposing for weeks. Need to think of a strategy for how to handle the grass.