We actually had a bit of rain this week, not much but enough to put some in the water-butts and mean I haven't had to do any outdoor watering since Thusrday.

Monday and Tuesday hot and sunny continuing the May theme - away in Bristol on Tues. Then on Weds we had intermittent light rain showers and on Friday. Saturday it actually rained a bit more.

Have mostly been tidying up, did a bit of mowing this morning along the top hedge and in the top garden, yesterday between the sheds. Also weeding - although plot 4 needs doing again.

Strawberry harvest has been continuing - have had about 4lb++ so far - ice cream is made :-). Loads of lettuce. Some french beans and runners up and recoverring. Leeks remain tiny. Onions look ok, parsnips are rubbish but swede has come up ok.