Dug down at top of second spud row and couldn't find any trace of seed potatoes - I think I must have miscounted when planting the second batch and thought I had done two rows without checking. Doh.

(see Fri 30th March 2018 - double doh!!)

Today managed a "full day" - actually only from 11:30am to 4pm, so not that full. Hot and sunny. Spent the first hour mowing with the 65 in the apple orchard and round the copse-to-be. The willow cuttings down below the pears appear to have taken, but not so sure about the six ash seedlings which I moved from under the oak. As always no sign of life on the lime trees yet - they are always the last to show. The original victoria plum seems to be mostly dead - a few green shoots above the graft but all the framework seems to be gone. Think it needs to be chopped and added to bonfirs.