It seems many weeks since I made a proper entry here. But today is sunny with a clear blue sky and a light wind - albeit with a slight chill in the air - and I've just sat down to eat an apple for lunch having been mowing for an hour or so.


The new shed did finally get a coat of Osmo Oil. The green manures I planted all seem to have failed to germinate - maybe I was a week or so too late, or the birds got the seed. I think there may be a thin scattering of vetch in the onion patch but no sign in the bed next to the tunnel, although a few broad beans have come up there. As for the rye grass in the potato patch - nada. Strawberries all seem to have taken, will need weeding through the winter.

I've half cleared the tunnel, got the tomato plants out but need to give it a complete clear and digging over. Also need to train the apricots onto wires.