Finished off on Thursday by doing some peening, then yesterday and this morning it rained. This afternoon got out to get a bit of general tidy-up mowing done. Now to rake, pick some daffs and home for tea - really must get back into the Kelly Kettle habit. Must also stop using the car to get here - always an excuse, usually something to carry or collect in the way of boat stuff etc to/from the shed.

Also last Thursday attempted my first grafting - a Beth and a Lanson Harvest pear onto rootstop from Endsliegh described as "wild pear" but looking most like blackthorn (it had thorns!). Am not confident they will take, very difficult to fix in place - need three hands. Forgot that I had the Medion grafting compound until today after I had decided to use anhydrous lanolin instead.

Planted cauliflower and two types of tomato (Alicante and little ones) in seed tray in tunnel.