Sitting in the polytunnel eating an apple (still a few left in store) and admiring the raised beds which I built over the winter. Outside the big 1000 litre IRB tank is slowly filling with water via a hose from the rainwater butt. The apricots have been trained onto wires going up to the centre crop bar and canes tied in between the crop bars.  The plan is for the west side to be 5 melons (one at each hoop) with tomatoes between (prob 16 of them), the centre bed with the apricots to be peppers and tomatoes and the east bed to be general veg.

Outside the strawberries appear to have survived and between them and the tunnel will be courgettes. The veg quarter near the new shed will be spuds, sweetcorn in the quarter nearest the tunnel, brassicas in the one nearest the strawberry patch and general veg in the quarter near the old shed.

Have been clearing a way to access the river Kensey down below the willows - a load of brash to burn, and more to come out including branches dangling over and in the river. Can't finish until the river subsides - very high at present due to lots of rain.

Will need to make a new hardstanding for the new tractor, possibly with a shelter over.