A fairly busy week with fine weather, we had a little bit of light rain on Friday morning and again the following night. Basically dry and pretty sunny. Slight frost on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Monday I did mowing in the early morning - trying to resist the temptation to lie around in bed and have a slow start.

Tuesday I transplanted some Savoy cabbage seedling - 15 into little pots left in the tunnel, and another dozen straight into the ground in plot 1.  Also plated one and a third rows of Maris Peer spuds in plot 3.

Wednesday I planted on some lettuce seedlings in the tunnel (Webs and Salad Bowl). Also a row of Vales Savor spuds in plot 3.

Thursday was tree photo day and I sowed broad beans in plot 2 and planted out a row of 12 red cabbage seedlings in plot 1. Also built the frame for runner beans in plot 6.

Friday I sowed  the runner beans and also a short row of half a dozen french beans in plot 6.

Saturday was a very lazy day and only popped up late afternoon to do some watering - I've been relying on buckets from the stream this week. Have also done other bits of mowing and tidying but the grass is starting to take off now...

Today I planted out a row of Cauliflower in plot 1, filled in the missing peas in the first row where the old stock failed to germinate. Also sowed Moneymaker tomatoes directly in NE corner of tunnel in plugs of compost and moved a few self seeded toms there to better positions. Sowed balck beauty corgettes in pots and also re-did the aubergines and peppers that hadn't germinated.