Raspberries still coming well, also picked some blackberries. Made a couple of jars of raspberry jam. Sweetcorn good, tomatoes nearly done. Had second melon - this one from east front of tunnel had gone yellow and was much better than the first one last week when Rex was here. I think these are from old Galia seed, but not sure - could be "Mel" [sic]

Courgettes continue, runner beans just about done, swedes are ready, finished lifting potatoes - much worm again - need to find a solution to that for next year. Still about a row of carrot to lift. Today noticed that one of the parsnips was setting seed so lifted that - big and a bit forked, and a little one growing with it. Have been finding the odd strawberry.

Seem to be a reasonable number of pears - except the Beths - which are still hard but coming away at a touch. Very few apples, picked four Rosemary Russets off the middle tree. Many of the apples there are are tiny and distorted.

Tractor shed nearly finished - just the roof felt to go and then a coat of creosote. Mowing is way behind owing to many family visits during August and early September. Four weeks clear now until the possible Rex and Mariella tree ceremony in mid-October - lockdowns permitting.