Rained a lot during Dec and ground too wet to do much.

Couple of better days yesterday and today. Pruned apples yesterday and pears, plums & quinces today.

Planted 3 new Victoria Plums (PL6,7,8) from the Holsworthy auction. Have got the hoops for the polytunnel up and one door frame. Need to do the North door frame and then ready to cover (but no great rush). Planted the Holsworthy raspberries and currants before Christmas. This week found two more raspberries and blackcurrants in Poundland so have planted them.

Have been cutting down the old raspberry canes (need to check on this). Also cut one of the large willows near veg bed. Hope to propogate a load more from the trimmings. Sunshine toady. COld but dry thank goodness.