The week started badly when I tried to fit the netting to the fruit cage frame over the redcurrants (which have set and will attract blackbirds shortly) and discovered that blooming Gardens Naturally had only sent me 10.5m instead of the 12m needed. Grrrr - emails phone calls ensued.

Sowed another set of Black Beauty Aubergine to replace the ones from a month ago which never germinated, also some peppers.

Its not been as sunny this week, in fact it rained Monday night and drizzled most of Tuesday which replenished the water butts. A bit more on Wednesday morning. Pulled some rhubarb and plucked some lettuce leaves.

Thursday I did more sowing - a row of Webbs lettuce and half a row of Salad bowl in plot 6, a row of perpetual spinach in middle of plot 3/4. Earthed up first two rows of spuds, moved some spare broad beans to replace gaps in the first row. Planted out another batch of, now overgrown, cabbages in plot1. Transplanted some peppers in the tunnel and did much general weeding. 

Rained again Thursday night but got much mowing done on Friday and Saturday.

After getting up at (literally) crack of dawn to hear the Dawn Chorus I failed to come back later to do any more work. Got a bit of mowing done whilst enjoying the birdsong - which stopped fairly abruptly as the sun rose.