Another couple of wet weeks but this morning the sun shone so I got here for a few hours. Apart from this only fleeting visits since I last wrote. Got the other door for the tunnel assembled last week. Have done a bit of general tidying and coppiced one of the big willows in the second windbreak hedge to see what happens. Am planting cuttings from it as an experiment above where the main fish pond/cob borrow pit might be - there is loads of surface water down there.

Planted a couple more black currants (BC7 & 8) and some raspberries from Poundland. Today finally got around to planting the vine which has been a a pot for the last year - can't now remember where I got it or what type it is, I took it as a cutting somewhere I think. Oh, and last week I got the last of Vivien's trees in together with the spare Wild Service tree (which I gave a proper stake). Also staked a few other things that looked as if they might benefit.

Daffs are poking through - beginnings of flowering spikes appearing, should have a first bunch next week.

Have just started to dig this year's potato patch and also moved the spurious comfrey which was in the middle of the veg plot to a border along the bottom of the plot and also planted a rhubarb crown there (also from Poundland). Found the last two possibly edible turnips - will try them tog=night.