A lovely sunny morning mowing in the apple orchard. Saw a butterfly with orange front wings with black spots and brown tips and brown rear wings with an orange flame along the edge. Just looked it up its a small copper.

At a Pig's Snout for lunch and its lovely. Will pick a couple more to take home. 

In the barn site a budleia has appeared and flowered and is attracting the usual butterflies (red admirals).

Picked the remaining damsons, or at least those that came off easily, as they are starting to shrivel. Also noticed a wasp eating a b=Beth pear windfall so felt the others an two came away in my hand.

Slightly cloudy this afternoon. Endsleigh phoned to say they had strawberry runners in so I am picking up 20 on Tuesday to go to the East of the tunnel. Am digging in the last of the irish soil improver there and making ridges for them so that they don't waterlog in winter.