Creosoted the old shed today. Found a really old third full container in the outhouse at No4 which had gone all gloopy so mixed that in and it gave a good black colour and better coverage than the cheap creocote that I had left from last year.

Lovely blue sky fluffy clouds sunny day with autumnal taste. Did my incipient first cold of the winter a power of good. Whilst cycling up here picked up some acorns - 6 each from three trees along underlane, 2 on the Lanson side of the scrapyard and one near the bottom of the Trebursye lane. Also 6 more from one of the oaks overhanging the stream here. Planted all in four rows in geographic order to the east of the polytunnel as a nursery.

Whilst planting the acorns a little vole bustled by intend upon its purposes and ignoring me.

Found a track through the grass along the bottom by the river - wondered if it was otter made, but probably domestic cat out hunting.