This week have been mostly mowing, tiding up and watering. Weather dry and mostly sunny, a couple of more overcast days, Winds started off easterly but now mostly round to more southerly and lighter so feeling warmer. It rained a bit overnight on Thursday, but aside from that have been having to water all seed beds and seedlings.

Planted a row each of white (Stuggart) and red (Red Karnon) onions in plot 1 on Tuesday.


No sign of Peas or Beans or carrots yet, In the tunnel Red Cabbage, Savoy and Cauliflower are showing, also Webbs and Salad Bowl lettuce. Blossom has been on plums/gages/damsons (not much on the Victorias but reasonable on the others). Is coming on the pears, Quinces leaves have opened. Blackthorn in hedgerows in blown and more flowers in the roadside verges.

On Tuesday this happened while moving:


Fortunately I found some of this in the shed: 


and with a couple of clamps I'm back in the windrow:


As well as general mowing, especially of the rough areas full of dead grass, nettles, thistles and docks from last year the weather has made all of that dry enough to burn - in situ without mowing down in the North East sector, and piling it up for mini bonfires elsewhere.

Something - possibly a pheasant having a dust bath, has been making a mess in the tunnel by the rows of tomatoes that haven't come up yet. Have ordered more tomato seeds online but not come yet. Also sweetcorn.