This evening planted sweetcorn (25 pairs) and sunflowers in the new area to the east of the tunnel - the bottom half of it. Top half will be for courgettes, squash and beans this year.

Also got a row of carrots in in place of the missing early spud row - about 2'6" of old Autumn King seed and the rest James Scarlet. The celariac seedlings don't seem to be moving on at all - still in small pots/trays.

A lovely sunny evening and very peaceful. Saw a group of four bees clustered around a dock leaf - two on the leaf stationary and two hovering alongside. Eventually the two in the air and one from the leaf flew off together, and then a minute later the remaining one on the leaf stirred into life and flew. Not sure what was going on there.

Also a couple of small irridescent green black insect (?beetles) on another dock. Lots of spiders scurrying about on the grond since it is dry. Something has been eating the seedlings in the tunnel that I put in their pots on the earth ready to plant. Lost two melons, will have to put the rest back on the table.

Crab apples are blossoming.