Monday: Mel melons, Tyson Sweetcorn and Black Beauty courgettes all appearing in pots. Sunny with a light breeze and forecast says remaining the same for the week - no sign of rain. Water is becoming an issue. Mowed around the currant area but a bit late in the day and noticeably tough going.

Tuesday started earlier and got a good couple of hours mowing in before 10:30 - getting a pain in my right side chest as well as the grumbling elbow :-(. Did the nut bank, Sunset Garden, Beths Garden. Sowed a short line of greenshaft peas in plot 7 and 2ft of webbs lettuce to finish the saladbowl row in plot 6. Limes now both in full leaf. I think I identified an enormous Norway Maple on the other side of the Kensey near the centre.

Wednesday - weeding in plot 4, picked a small bowl of strawbs (about 6oz). Sowed some frnch beans in the final gap in plot 2 at the end of the sprunions. Sprunions and leeks not doing well - too dry I suspect.

Thursday continued work on the tractor house frame - just about ready for me to get some timber for sides and roof rafters etc.

Friday - planted out 12 x Tyson sweetcorn, and six greenhouse-started runner beans given by No6 Winsor Terrace in plot 7. Another 8oz of strawberries.

Today spent most of the day there as Jane brought picnic lunch. Has been a very sunny dry week. Done no mowing since Tuesday as too hot and dry. Weeding in all plots. Picked elderflowers and 1┬Żlbs strawberries :-)

Planted out 4 butternut squash and 4 black beauty courgettes in plot 7 and 7 more courgettes in a row in plot 4. All plots pretty much full now. Planted aubegine and pepper seedlings in the tunnel in the gaps. That must be nearly it for the sowing and planting until some space is cleared. Just the MelMel melons to find a home for.

3 loads of water today - also did the currants and some small trees. Forecast still looks like no rain for the next week, and longer term they are saying a dry summer. Strem is still refilling the dipping pool, but flow rates are well down.