Hmm, three months without posting, and I can't blame Covid. Not that things haven't been happening at Gwel Dulas, more that I've simply got out of the intermittent habit of writing them down.

Veg has been good, even a few parsnips made it through. We've just finished the potatoes, still got some carrots and swedes in the ground and onions in store. Plus beans and peas in the freezer.

Pears were good - inevitably a few didn't get eaten or processed fast enough and went off. The Beths didn't produce but the others were good, Gorhams and Beure Hardy good to eat but Lanion Harvest not so much. Oh the odd Tamar Harvest down beyond the cherries has yet to do anything - 

A couple of apples struggled through to produce a few small ones from a second blossoming - Saw Pit was the best.