Back from three weeks in France on Friday so of course everything is well overgrown. Rained all day on friday. Managed to get an hour mowing before breakfast on Saturday and then had to deal with urgent boat stuff. This morning 1.5 hrs mowing before breakfast then another 2 hours after so total over the 2 days is just 4.5 hrs. Have done from the new shed down to the barn site and across to the (? quince illegible water damage) tree plus three swaths from the gate along the top.

Now 1pm and hot and sunny so the grass is noticeably (?harder illegible water damage) and I am worn out. Will spend the afternoon weeding and harvesting - spuds, peas and raspberries. I think the birds had all the redcurrants. A few good loganberries. Blueberries are coming but not ripe yet.