Bank Holiday - not that it matters except that unusually for such a day the sun doth shine. Lovely hot sunny late spring/early summer day with intermittent fluffy white clouds. Been up here most of the day.

Over the last week it has been pretty dry - water butts running out despite a too-short downpour on Saturday evening. Have acquired some runner bean seedlings (Scarlet emperor) from a stall at Central Methodist as too many of my sowings seem to have failed this year. The runners didn't germinate at all. Apparently many gardeners are having similar problems with poor germination this year which made me feel a bit better. Anyway they are in next to the potatoes.

The row of carrots following the first early spuds have germinated ok. On Thursday last planted some french beans directly in the ground in the new bed next to the tunnel and they have sprouted already. Toms, aubergines and the three surviving melons planted inside the tunnel.

Much mowing progress over the past week despite my snath breaking mid-stroke last Monday. Fortunately Kevin at Skyegrove had a replacement in stock so I was able to collect it on Thursday and I managed with my size 3 spare in the meantime. Only a couple of weeks till the scythe festival.

May blossom is out on the hill opposite. Yesterday a kestrel flew low and fast diagonally across the field in front of me.

Everything in leaf now, the limes having finally shown. The Tilia Cordata in the top area is going to be a lovely feature tree in 25 years.