This entry transcribed from the original journal as far as possible - regular entries do not seem to have started until January 2014.

Two starter colonies of Cornish Black Bees were acquired from a keeper down West Cornwall. Polystyrene hives with a jumbo base. The bees arrived in early August (around 2nd) and they were transferred to their new hives ok. It was late to establish them so they were fed several times during August/September to help them build up some reserves.

A cheap (£400ish) shed was purchased from B&Q as a tool store. A metal frame base was added to keep it off the wet ground and hopefully stop the floor rotting out. It was delivered mid August and went up fairly easily. Not completely flimsy, but obviously you get what you pay for and this was cheap for a 8' by 6' apex shed with two windows and double door at the end.

In September and October there were gales which blew the roof felt off so that had to be refixed with a batten to stop the wind getting between the layers and lifting them.

Raspberry canes, blackcurrants, blueberries, a gooseberry and redcurrants were obtained from Endsliegh nursery in November. A row with posts at about 8ft apart and three wires recovered from the fence along the river but not fully tensioned. The canes were planted late Nov with 10 between each pair of posts. At the top was autumn fruiting, then three sets of summer fruiting.

Veg plot had been prepared by covering with cardboard and then digging over in the winter.

Bees still occasionally active from both hives on sunny days through till Christmas.