Weeded in veg beds and around ziggerat, nothing showing yet.

Thunder and then rain so in tunnel listening to the rain sound amplified by he polythene drum and bird song in the trees by the stream.

Planted second batch of tomato and aubergine seed, cucumbers (both ridge MarketMore and long Telegraph).

Celeraiac is showing in the seed tray - tiny tiny plants for a big root to come. 3 melba melons up and 2 of the Aurua (F1) and two out of 3 hurricane squash.

First batch of toms don't seem to be thriving.

Old Greengage and Dittisham Ploughman plums have blossom. Both apricots have leaf. Honeyberry flowers starting to show and saw some bees there - bumble and one small black bee like I used to have.