Went to auction at Holsworthy today and bought 3 x Victoria Plums, 2 x Apricot, 2 x Blackcurrant, 2 x Redcurrant an 15 x mid-season Raspberries (all bare root). So have just been heeling in the trees (all 3yo bush). Have also ordered a polytunnel which should arrive next week. My idea is to put the apricots in the tunnel together with melons and tomatoes and seedlings.

Raspberries will go in the next section of the new (west) line. Plums will go down side beyond the barn and the currants will go between the apples.

Did some mowing this week - cleared the SW corner.

Jobs to do next week - prepare and plant plums, build polytunnel, re-roof the old shed, plant currants, plant raspberries, plant oaks and spare wild service tree, mow more!!