Yesterday was peening of blades. Previously I had been away in France with Chris & John for 10 days collecting the tractor and boat - both of which are now parked here. Managed to finish the new hardstanding just before we went on 24 Feb. 

Tractor needs a good service, it is a Kubota 7000 but has a 4 wheel drive option. Hydraulics are not working properly (loosing pressure somewhere) but it starts...

Apricots have blossomed, the door had been opened most days, but I did some hand pollination yesterday just in case - might be too late as petals are all falling off. Raspberries have all been cleared.

Today planted Alicante and Gardeners Delight tomatoes (as last year) in seed trays. Digging potato bed (New Shed Quarter).

Windy this morning with intermittent sun. Apparently much rain last week while I was away in France. Buds bursting on Vranja Quince and damson. Nearly there on most pears and plums.