At last some progress

After last entry finished getting polytunnel tensioned next day and sides buried in. Much more work than I anticipated. Had t leave the doors for later since when not much time up here - combination of weather (rain , frost and a couple of days with light snow) and over busy preparing for another project (GH launch) which then got cancelled at the last minute because of the snow.

SO this week I have finally got back to work. Made and fitted doors to tunnel - not without some trouble as they are a bit too small for the frames so a gap has to be filled for the bolt to work and I think the fram might have moved slightly out of true as it all settled over the last weeks.

I did manage to dig a potato patch a couple of weeks ago and have now done some more. Set spuds to chit in the tunnel. Planted tomato and cauliflower seeds and put up shelves in new shed. Tidied up around the raspberries. Planted the oak and the ash that Euan brought me a couple fo weeks ago - the oak turned out to have its roots all rotted off so not much hope there. Today I transplanted 6 ash seedlings growing under the oak by the stream down to the NE corner. Had to leave a couple as too big to dig out.

Need to get my blades peened but boat varnishing calls...