A week of reasonable weather for early morning mowing, and a bit of tidying up and planting on the side.

Monday was overcast and warm. Filled in some gaps where shallots and garlic had failed to show with spare onion sets. The first sprunion and leek sowings have started to show so sowed another 2ft of sprunions. One row of swede in plot 4, and 18more pots of conqueror sweetcorn (the first batch are hardening off) plus 4 each of butternut squash and marketmore ridge cucumber. And a short row (6ft) of Ferrari French Beans in plot6. 

Tuesday dawned with it having rained in the night, and windy and cloudy. Good for getting on with some mowing. Now using the 85cm effectively. First runner beans are showing.

Wednesday and Thursday and Friday were spent cracking on with mowing with an early (well 8am) start, pear orchard, barn alley, central cherry area, and apple orchard all done. Also bodged together the rubbish bit of butterfly net that Gardens Naturally had sent to make up the 1.2m shortfall in the fruit cage net and got the roof on. Pretty crap result - fired off an email complaint.

The beech hedge, which had no leaves on Tuesday was in full leaf on Thursday. That just leaves the two Lime trees, a first leaf was noticed on the top one on Friday.

Friday planted out first 11 sweetcorn and sowed 4 pairs of runner beans between to climb the corn aztec style. On Saturday added 5 courgette Black Beuaty and 3 di Nizza to the mix in plot 7. It was sunny still and hot.

Today warm again with hazy sun and high cloud. Planted out 4 more diNizza courgettes in plot 7 and sowed a row of Sunflowers (Russian Giant) in the NE corner of plot 7. A couple of french beans have shown, but that is all.