A fullish day - 11am to 5:30pm but with 90 mins off for lunch to go home for a delivery. Much mowing in the morning including preparing the new 85cm blade, stripping off the wax and paint and peening up the edge. Tried it out on some good grass and it works well.

Afternoon spent racking up and stacking and then planted another two rows of onions (one red, one white) plus a full row of Ambassador peas. Also got some weeding and mulching done around the blueberries.

First signs of carrots showing as are the last rows of spuds and a first few sunflowers. Bees very busy in the comfrey, but not seen many around the apple blossoms - I hope they are there. Comfrey is spreading like made, need to get it under control.

Big news - Clare's medlar which last year I was convinced was in fact a blackthorn seems to have medlar flowers on it this year in its new place at the end of the curing west windbreak. Still has thorns which the other one doesn't so who knows what it is!

Buds swelling on the small leaf lime (Tillia Cordata)