Monday got an earlyish start for some good easy mowing at the top. Really enjoying the 85cm blade now, maybe the tang angle is better than the one that broke as it seems much better. Also have started using a slightly coarse stone for honing which makes a difference. 

The first post for the tractor shed has been planted, there was a cold North-easterly wind which should have been a clue, but it was sunny.

Monday night there was a blooming frost - a week later than the last frost last year, which was itself unusually late I thought. All the potatoes hit, and the sweetcorn and courgettes that I planted out on Sunday thinking that we were past the risk. Aaaargh. Followed by more frosts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. WTF?. I covered the spuds with grass clippings on Wednesday to try and protect any recovery, but the runner beans and french beans are also gone. Did more mowing and raking up mostly on Tuesday and Wednesday around the top and down towards the cherries.

Away to Bristol Thursday and Friday - back to work on Saturday replacing the netting on the fruit cage with a proper length that Gardens Naturally finally were persuaded to send. Plus hand weeding around the veg, fixing up pea climbers and much watering - we seem to be in another dry spell, so I started using the tractor to bring up dustbin loads or water from the stream.

Today cleared the nettles down near the stream - tomorrow will add them to the compost bin. Also planted the second front post for the tractor shed and measured out the remainder. Will need to buy timber for roof rafters and sides plus some form of roof sheeting - probably a couple of hundred quid.