Been a busy three weeks. Much mowing of course. Got a new snath from Kevin at Skyegrove ok and continued with both 65cm and 85cm blades. The new 85cm seems good so I took it to the Green Scythe Fair at Mulchenley - a bad call! Grass there very different; denser and heavy - I kept digging the nose it so barely did 2.1m in the heats and nowhere near qualifying. Did pick up a Norway Maple though, now planted in the entrance grove, and a free small oak and a Love-Lies-Bleeding.

Have started taking a few early spuds, very small on hardly any rain but the Nicolas are the queen of earlies for taste. Slugs are eating everything that comes up especially in and around the tunnel. Its a big problem, even seedlings I have bought in and protected with gel are being eaten. The tomatoes have largely survived though. Broad beans now in flower. Have brought in some cabbage seedlings to replace the total loss of my own - red and green.