Creosoted the old shed today. Found a really old third full container in the outhouse at No4 which had gone all gloopy so mixed that in and it gave a good black colour and better coverage than the cheap creocote that I had left from last year.

Lovely blue sky fluffy clouds sunny day with autumnal taste. Did my incipient first cold of the winter a power of good. Whilst cycling up here picked up some acorns - 6 each from three trees along underlane, 2 on the Lanson side of the scrapyard and one near the bottom of the Trebursye lane. Also 6 more from one of the oaks overhanging the stream here. Planted all in four rows in geographic order to the east of the polytunnel as a nursery.

Whilst planting the acorns a little vole bustled by intend upon its purposes and ignoring me.

Found a track through the grass along the bottom by the river - wondered if it was otter made, but probably domestic cat out hunting.

Picked a lot of apples today. Also courgettes and, of course, tomatoes. Very few raspberries. First red cabbage. Finished Vranja quinces.

Much rain for the last 3 days, today it cleared up id morning so did some apple picking up of windfalls. Planted winter tares in the ex onion patch and lifted the remaining spuds - 2 big bags full. Still a few raspberries coming through. Runner beans have blown over and are almost done.

Whilst picking tomatoes yesterday found another enormous melon.

It was windy on Monday night (and we were away yesterday) but not many windfalls thanks to my efforts on Monday. Picked up a few apples and harvested pears that came away easily - still a few Beure Hardy and the odd Gorham, plus most of the Harvest Lanion yet to be picked.

Sunny this morning but dallied at home and didn't get out till after midday. Had to be home by 2:30 anyway and it had clouded over and light rain started by 1:45 so called it a day after doing some grass tidying. Rain late afternoon and evening - need a few days fine weather to dry out the sheds so I can treat them...

Back from a weekend away mid afternoon with a strong gale forecast tonight so went around in a hurry all apples picking any that came easy. Got quite a lot including over 100 Snell's Glass. A few from most trees that have fruit.

Strawberries seemed to have survived the weekend without attention and settled in. All showing at least one small fresh leaf or have turned existing leaves right way up.

Plan to use the area that was the failed sweetcorn crop this year as a nursery for trees (acorns) and currant cuttings.

Euan has offered more seedlings, and there are some more ash growing under the oaks by the stream which I will move.

Sunny with white fluffy clouds and a slight chill in the wind. Mowing around veg and in Apple Orchard. Clearing ground in veg bed ready for green manure crops. Picked a few windfall apples.

A very brief visit today to pick some tomatoes and aubergines and courgettes (still a few small ones). Also three remaining melons as the plants have died back. 

A mug full of raspberries for tea, plus some runner and french beans (enough for two or three meals)

Rained yesterday so didn't get here except briefly in the morning