Damp mizzly drizzle. Did a bit of mowing but that was all.

Planted out tomatoes (both types) in tunnel beds - 8 of Alicante, 6 of Tom Thumb. Aubergines and celeriac have germinated but no sign of peppers yet. Planted 2nd row of broad beans. Earthed up early spuds - still not many pink fir apple showing. King Edward and Kingsman both showing. Sowed some very old lettuce seeds (All Year Round and Salad Bowl) in trays in tunnel.

Cleared space for more peas, broadbeans and runners. Planted another row of white onion sets. Rained this morning. More spuds showing their tops.

Mowed around the currants etc in the morning. Sowed Parsley (moss curled and flat), Melon, Coriander,  Runner Beans (2 types), Yellow Scallop squasg, Di Nizza courgettes all in pots. Sunflowers in bed by tunnel at bottom. Potted on basil, lemon balm, thyme.

Still warm day. Mowed in morning but out to football in the afternoon

Apples in blossom:

  • Sops in Wine : full
  • Rosemary Russet : 2 & 3 some open, 1 buds not burst
  • Sidney Strake 1 : some open
  • Early Bower : coming
  • Snells Glass : coming
  • Crab Apples : starting
  • Saw Pit : starting

Others have flower buds only 

Mowing and weeding

Sunny, mowed from gate back towards sheds. Sowed a row of Nantes carrots and a row of leeks (Autumn Blue and Blue de Colane) in the tunnel bed. Planted out the 14 Conqueror sweetcorn and sowed 15 Miria sweetcorn in pots. Rowan,Sarah and Jane came for lunch with the Kelly Kettle. Started up the tractor and Rowan drove it sitting on my lap.