Here briefly in rain to take photos of Grandie trees (to be done every 16th month this year)

Max/min since Sunday 13.2deg and 2.1deg. Temp @16:00 10.0deg

Second analogue mecury thermometer also installed above shed door for cross checking pending move to tunnel.

Yesterday in the rain went to Endsleigh and bought two Sweet Gum trees (Liquidambar Styracifula 'Worplesdon') for Rex's tree and a spare.

Also another cherry ('Sunburst') and blueberry (Vacillium corymbosum 'Pink Lemonade'). Prune cherry to 6-8" above/below desired branching point when growth starts.

Today did some mowing and also moved a carpet to this year's potato patch.

Been away in Sussex for a week and rainy last weekend so a bit of a gap. Today coldish with breaks in the cloud. Warm in the sun. 10 deg @ 13:40

Pruned and tied in apricot trees. Pruned all apples and quinces to remove crossing branches.

Ground very wet. Forecast bad for next 2 days with rain and strong winds.

Installed digital max-min thermometer above door of big shed.

Overcast. Short visit for a bit of weeding around top trees and some raking up and mooching around

Dug out some comfrey that was too close to Rex's place and planted the Christmas present Pieris in front of the ziggurat.

Overcast but not feeling so damp as yesterday despite a hint of mizzle in the air, maybe a degree or so warmer. Be good to get a max min thermometer. 

Finished mowing the daffs and a new roadway down to the barn area, more curved than previously. Cleared around Eilidh and Rowan and set out positions for Rex and No4.

Saw some voles and a wren. Brightened up a bit at lunchtime but still overcast. Went to buy a new wheelbarrow. (£60 at Maunders)

So where did 2019 go? The last post on here was back in April, and that was incomplete.

Maybe I'll get around to backfilling - there are some field notes and photos - but first a fresh start.

FROST last night. Spuds and outdoor courgettes are knocked right back. Have been busy during the week despite the dog mowing and sowing and planting. First 3 courgettes planted out. Second row of peas sown. Cleared ground for rest of sweetcorn which have gerninated. Some peppers are showing - not the jalapenos. Support net for first row of peas installed. Planted more onion sets. Saw goldfinches.