Been a bit busy elsewhere what with seeing both grandchildren in Bristol last weekend and 3 days at work both weeks - so the grass has grown. The spuds are even more grown. The summer raspberries and loganberries have largely gone to the birds. Have picked some blackcurrants and made a first batch of jam.

Just had three pretty full on days trying to catch up (and also doing a repair to the inflatable dinghy on the side). Mowing for an hour plus before breakfast, then back for more mowing until lunchtime. Afternoon (after siesta!) weeding and tending to thingsHave mown the entire central area and about to start on the apple orchard tomorrow morning.

Perpetual spinach from last year has seeded itself all over the squash patch...

[at which point the pen ran out of ink and then at sometime before the next entry the book got wet (it was left in the old shed) and the pages all welded together...]

Back from three weeks in France on Friday so of course everything is well overgrown. Rained all day on friday. Managed to get an hour mowing before breakfast on Saturday and then had to deal with urgent boat stuff. This morning 1.5 hrs mowing before breakfast then another 2 hours after so total over the 2 days is just 4.5 hrs. Have done from the new shed down to the barn site and across to the (? quince illegible water damage) tree plus three swaths from the gate along the top.

This entry transcribed from the original journal as far as possible - regular entries do not seem to have started until January 2014.

Two starter colonies of Cornish Black Bees were acquired from a keeper down West Cornwall. Polystyrene hives with a jumbo base. The bees arrived in early August (around 2nd) and they were transferred to their new hives ok. It was late to establish them so they were fed several times during August/September to help them build up some reserves.


The Field

A Productive Cornish Green Wood Garden to be known as 

Purchased at auction at the White Hart in Launceston by Roger & Jane on 25th June 2013. Sale completed on 16th July 2013

This site consists of journal entries (up until March 2018 transcribed from a paper journal kept on soft paper in ink - the journal got wet in the old shed during winter 2017-8 and the pages are stuck together so entries are patchy and incomplete). From April the day book moved to a small waterproof paper notebook with entries made in pencil - much more resilient.

Also there are site plan and planting and production notes for various trees. And so on adlib.